Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fuse Says We Rocked The World. Also, Nirvana.
Fuse has dedicated an episode of Videos That Rocked The World to OK Go's very own Here It Goes Again, a video you may have seen once or twice. The episode debuts Thursday, November 29th at 10 PM EST and repeats at 1 PM EST the next day.

Here's something to tackle while you wait: Fuse has set up a wiki page for each video, which lets you log in and add your own comments, info, photos, videos, etc. Right now it's pretty bare. I say we attack.

Bonus: Here's a video that rocked our brains:
OK Go on The Simpsons

And here's one that will rock yours:
OK Go at KOKO in London

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Boys Get A Simpsons Shoutout Tonight!
I've been looking everywhere for a clip of the TV promo, but can't seem to find it. So this image of Marge in gym clothes will have to do. I'm sure the OK Go shoutout is only a 2-second passing shot, but pretty exciting nonetheless.


Monday, November 05, 2007

OK Go Sorta on Oprah
Oprah will be doing an entire episode about YouTube tomorrow and word on the street is that she'll show some part of the Here It Goes Again video, and maybe talk about it. There were rumors about an interview or a performance from the boys, but in the end OK Go lost out to Diddy, Paul Potts and 2004's person of the year: Tyson, the Skateboarding Bulldog. Learn more about the episode on Oprah's site. Learn more about the concept of skateboarding dogs in the world's most unnecessary wikipedia entry.

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